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    Creating the New World is a non-profit organization, a message, a structure, a strategy—a comprehensive methodology—that empowers us to create a world that reflects our deepest truths and highest aspirations as human beings. It's grassroots local-to-global, whole-system approach literally creates this New World of the people, by the people, for the people and all Life, with the planet.

    Our passion is channeled into initiating, supporting, and sustaining a community-based global action movement in which Community is the unit of global transformation. Our work is built on the structure of our Architecture for Creating the New World™, which provides a clear line of sight from a community and world in crisis to an amazing new one, and a concrete way to get there. Like Nature, the Architecture provides enough structure to empower abundant, autonomous creation, but not enough to choke it off. It's holographic design empowers people everywhere to transform their lives, communities, and world at the same time without prescribing or controlling.

    Since the key to the New World and the process of creating it is communities, that's where you'll find us. Anyone can host, participate in, or sponsor our World-Building Workshops, which serve as the vehicle for local AND global transformation. We go where the energy for renewal, rejuvenation, and rebuilding is. We go where hope is low and passion is high or vice versa. We go to places that want or need to rebuild. We awaken, engage, and unite people to create what they most deeply want for their lives, communities, and world. We do it in a new space free of dogma, doctrine, blame, or judgment. We inspire. We have fun. We create. Contact us and let's create something wonderful together.

    The Big Idea
    We have to create a fundamentally New World together because humanity's future on Earth literally depends on it.

    Awaken, engage, and unite humanity to create a world that reflects its deepest truths and highest aspirations.

    Through the implementation of its Architecture for Creating the New World™, the organization initiates and supports a locally autonomous, globally coherent social movement, empowering people to transform themselves, their communities, and the world at the same time.

    Guiding Principles
    • Urgency without fear.
    • Hope through clarity.
    • Unwavering focus on the destination.
    • Notice what is; focus on and create what will be.
    • Unite in our sameness; leverage our differences.
    • Invite, honor, and empower all.
    • Local autonomy, global coherence.
    • Self-responsibility and self-selection.
    • Fun, joy, and humor as strategic assets and diagnostic indicators.
    • Deepen the Being, accelerate the Doing.
    • Unwavering attention to integrity with all principles.

    Strategic Goals
    • Offer a clear line-of-sight from a world in crisis to an amazing new one, and a way to get there together.
    • Provide space and structure to initiate and support:
      • Individual and collective transformation.
      • Collaboration on concrete projects people care about.
      • Development of a global network of New World Communities.
      • Synergized, whole-system, global implementation of innovations from all sectors.
      • Co-creation of the movement to create the New World.
    • Unite the many to create as One without prescribing or controlling.
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    I'm Nancy Polend.  I’m a visionary social architect, speaker, catalyst, world-builder, and regular gal.  I’m the founder of Creating the New World, Inc., creator of the Architecture for Creating the New World™, and author of the forthcoming book, Out of the Giant Hairball:  How Regular People Can Create a Whole New World .

    I established Creating the New World, Inc. in 2009 to house the work I came here to do. I came here to do whatever I could to create a world capable of generating and sustaining a thriving new humanity. I created the Architecture for Creating the New World™ to guide that work and provide us with a clear line-of-sight between our current world in crises and the amazing new one that’s possible. On paper, it’s just a visual representation of a body of work, showing where we’re starting, where we’re going, and the route to get there.

    It’s always useful to have a map when you’re taking a journey into unknown territory, like we are now as a human family. But having a map is not taking the journey. We actually have to walk it together, to directly experience it. That’s what the World-Building Workshops are for. That’s where the work itself happens, where we quite literally create the New World together.

    My Professional Journey
    I’ve always worked to empower people and human systems to align themselves with their highest aspirations. Now, I’m simply doing it on a bigger scale—a planetary one. In 2006, I left a long and successful career in Organization Development and Systems Change to embark on my life’s work, which led to this Mother-of-All systems change projects. For over 25 years, I empowered systems of all shapes, sizes, and sectors, to create the future they most deeply wanted. I worked in local, state, and Federal government; national and international non-profits; retail; private practice; and corporate environments, developing, delivering, and managing educational, change, leadership, and organizational effectiveness programs at the individual, team, department, organization, community, and national levels.

    The Life and Times of a Visionary Architect
    I served as chief architect and program director at the Future Search Network for Prosperous Communities, Prosperous Nation, a national action program to end poverty in the U.S. Prior to that work, I served as architect and Project Manager for the 21st Century Model to Address Poverty Project, a two-year effort sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop foundational models for changing the way the country thinks about and addresses poverty. Before that, I led the Organization Development efforts and special projects of the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA), a national non-profit organization serving state and local public human services agencies. There, I provided capacity-building services to member agencies in the areas mentioned previously.

    I also worked for over a decade as an internal change agent at the U.S. Department of Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, where I led organizational change, teambuilding, and leadership development initiatives. I’ve also served as a senior consultant in a private consulting firm and ran my own independent practice, where I consulted to government and corporate clients for a variety of organization development, human resources, change management, strategic planning, teambuilding, and communications projects.

    What’s that NOISE? It’s the World is Calling.
    After working to empower human systems at increasingly larger scales, the frontier of global change beckoned—LOUDLY—prompting me to establish CtNW and assemble a community-based systems change approach capable of awakening, engaging, and uniting humanity to literally create a whole New World.

    People have asked me, “What makes you uniquely qualified for this work?” It’s always an interesting question because assembling a way for us to create a New World together has never been done before, so there’s no prefabricated list of credentials someone could have that would deem them “qualified.” For that matter, who would make that list? All I know is that I keep asking to be of highest service, I follow my heart, I do the inner and outer work, I use every ounce of capacity I have, and I’m persistent as hell. That doesn’t necessarily make me uniquely qualified, but I do seem to be the only one holding a concrete, comprehensive, whole-system global strategy to move humanity forward at a time it desperately needs it. And, I showed up. That’s got to count for something.

    Join me.
    The truth is we’re all uniquely qualified. There’s no one on the planet that can bring what you have inside you into the world except you. You have absolutely no competition! My Work may bring our pieces together, but it’s totally worthless if your piece doesn’t show up. Show up now with your piece of this world-building puzzle. May we all do so. Our grandchildren are counting on us. I hope to see you soon.
    The Invitation
    The global psychological space of hope and action to create the New World made possible by a complete package that includes a cogent message, a clear call to action, a visible line-of-sight between a world in crisis and an amazing new one, a concrete way to do it together, AND an empowering new space to do it in.

    The Message
    We must create a fundamentally New World because humanity's future on Earth depends on it. We can create the New World together because we have the reason, vision, power, technology, and now, the structure, strategy, and mechanism that empowers us to do it.

    The Principles
    11 guiding principles that will guide our work and behavior as we begin creating the New World together. Together, these principles create an initial environment where our very best can flow joyfully, creatively, and productively. As the journey unfolds and more people become world-builders, we'll revisit and revise them together, as needed, to support us most powerfully as we create the New World.

    The Structure
    The Architecture for Creating the New World™ is a comprehensive, whole-system social action framework that provides a clear line-of-sight from a world in crisis to an amazing new one, and a way to get there together. The Architecture represents the body of work necessary for us to create a world that reflects our deepest truths and highest aspirations. It's also the design for the Practical Oneness World-Building Workshop™ that serves as the vehicle for the work itself.

    Practical Oneness World-Building Workshop™
    The flagship weekend world-building workshop in which groups of 20-80 people directly experience that we have the reason, vision, power, and technology to create the New World, and literally begin creating it together using a common, holographic Creation Framework. The global rollout of this workshop is the grassroots vehicle for world-building, each one producing personal, local, and global alignment with our deepest truth and highest aspirations, concrete projects, plans for building physical New World Communities, a growing population of world-builders, and contributions to Humanity's Global Vision™.

    The Creation Framework™
    A holographic development tool used in the World-Building Workshop that holds the shared vision for the New World—as directly experienced by workshop participants—as the point of focus, connected to a set of 12 integrative questions about how they TRULY want to live. The Framework applies to and is just as useful at the individual, project, organizational, community, or world community level. Participants use this structure as the scaffolding upon which to develop the attributes of a "New World Community," which facilitates local transformation and contributes to Humanity's Global Vision™. They also use the framework to start work on creating a global network of physical New World Communities, enhancing their own organizations or projects, or simply transforming their own lives, whichever they choose.

    The Strategy
    A dynamic local-to-global strategy that uses the Practical Oneness World-Building Workshops™ you host locally as vehicles for cohesive global transformation. As a global rollout in which all groups worldwide directly experience that we have the reason, vision, power, and technology to create the New World and work toward a shared vision using the same framework to envision how they TRULY want to live, it produces many variations on the same unifying theme that are locally-driven, yet globally coherent. This work is documented, published, and widely communicated as Humanity's Global Vision™.

    Humanity's Global Vision™
    An online database and global communication tool for sharing humanity's vision for how we TRULY want to live, based on all local work with the Creation Framework™. As more groups participate in the World-Building Workshop using the same foundational framework to envision New World Communities that embody this vision, vast agreement and a growing set of answers to the 12 Creation Framework questions are produced. As the list of aligned ideas grows and is widely communicated, Humanity's Global Vision™ for how it TRULY wants to live becomes visible to the world for the very first time in human history, generating hope and accelerating the literal creation of the New World.

    The Mechanism
    In addition to Humanity's Global Vision™, several other mechanisms for growing momentum and supporting concrete collaborative action to literally create the New World are built into the integrated design. The World-Builders Network and Portal connects all participants of the World-Building Workshops to each other and supports the continued work on the global network of physical New World Communities and other world-building projects initiated during the workshops. The Facilitators Network and Portal grows and supports a cadre of Creating the New World facilitators who will facilitate the World-Building Workshops worldwide. Articles, project progress reports, blogs, videos, presentations, interviews, and an electronic newsletter will also create and sustain momentum.

    Innovators Program
    A program that convenes, supports, and publicizes those with innovations in every sector of human endeavor. The program engages Innovators in the World-Building Workshop, where they connect with each other as a unified whole system and create cutting-edge versions of Humanity's Global Vision™. These visions of what's possible when all their innovations are working dynamically together in New World Communities is widely communicated with the world and with participants of World-Building Workshops worldwide. Through the Creating the New World project to build a global network of physical New World Communities, participating Innovators have the opportunity to implement their innovations on a global scale. The program also features their innovations on the Creating the New World web site and newsletter, in podcast interviews, and in the World-Building Workshops worldwide.

    World-Builders Network and Portal
    An online portal and network offering support, knowledge, tools, forum, and collaborative workspaces to support and implement the work of world-builders after their World-Building Workshop. The collaborative workspaces support the work of creating a global network of physical New World Communities and other projects that emerge out of the World-Building Workshops. As the global rollout of World-Building Workshops takes place, online communities for people working with the CtNW Architecture and Creation Framework at the individual, organizational, community, and global levels will be available to support concrete action, build momentum, and sustain coherence among all levels of system.

    Facilitators Network and Portal
    A portal and network for information, support, and tools for a global network of Creating the New World facilitators. The portal is a place where facilitators can find information about the facilitators program, see dates and location of training, register for training, download the Facilitator Kit and other resources, connect with other facilitators, share knowledge, post and manage registration for their engagements, and upload stories and outputs of local community work from their engagements for input into Humanity's Global Vision™.

    Introduction to Creating the New World
    A half- or full-day workshop introducing the Creating the New World Architecture and its potential as a concrete, viable way forward for humanity. The workshop includes tools for individual, organizational, community, and global transformation, and provides information on opportunities for becoming a world-builder. The workshop is useful for general audiences and for those considering hosting or becoming a facilitator for the Practical Oneness World-Building Workshop™. It is also offered for innovators, organizations, potential strategic partners, and communities considering their role in creating the New World.

    Presentations, Speaking, and Facilitation
    Engagements of any length, dedicated to inspiring hope, collaboration, and action to create the New World as individuals, communities, nations, and as one human family.
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    Creating the New World, Inc. is a Virginia-based non-profit organization established in 2009.

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