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What Writing Means to Me

I'm now on fire with writing my book.  As part of that process, I've been revisiting many of the pieces I've written over the years that were filed away in the dusty corners of my computer, never having seen the light of day.  I found one today from 2009 that was clearly a message to my future self of 2013 to remind me that, though I may go bat-poop crazy in this process, it will all be worth it in the end.  Please enjoy, say a prayer for me, and make a mental note to buy my book when it arrives, just so I know my friends are not all imaginary ones.  ;-)

What does my writing mean to me? Wow. That’s like asking me what breathing means to me. Like breathing, writing creates and sustains the life in me. Like breathing, writing cannot be separated from living because it is the voice of my soul. And, since my soul is here to be expressed, not writing would defeat the entire purpose of my soul being here in the first place. She would pack up her things and go, which of course would make me dead and unable to write. Death: The Ultimate Literary Buzz-Kill. So, like breathing, I don’t think I’d survive very long without it.

With this in mind, you can understand why I’m just a little attached to my writing.  So, yes, my writing is the voice of my soul. Or should I say, the voices of my soul. Like a master ventriloquist, it is many different characters with many voices, tones, and textures. It knows about many things, and what it doesn’t know, it makes up. That’s what souls do through us; they make stuff up, which is just a code phrase for creation. And creation is the same as expression. So, creation-expression is the whole point of the soul. Creation and expression: Is that not also a definition of writing? Work with me here. I’m saying writing is the whole point of the soul. THAT is what writing means to me.

Now then. The soul takes its purpose to express very seriously. She simply won’t take no for an answer. At the same time, the soul is always joyful. After all, she has no bills to pay, long commutes, idiotic bosses, or annoying colleagues. So, she is joyful and I am to express that. This means that when I am giving voice to my soul through my writing—truly expressing her—I feel seriously joyful. THAT is what writing means to me.

Specifically, what brings me joy is writing that paints pictures with words that create whole new ways to think about things, whole new ways of acting, whole new ways of being. In that sense, my writing is both the voice and the eyes of my soul. My process of writing first sees things from the soul’s perspective in the heart, and then paints it in words. When I began to experience my writing this way, I realized that not only does my heart have eyes, but that my writing could project the images I see with it into someone else’s awareness. The time spent in my heart discovering those images is as much a gift to me as it might be to those who would read and experience it for themselves. THAT is what writing means to me.

Sometimes, painting these pictures requires a formal, serious voice that glides an expensive, fine-haired verbal brush meticulously over the writing canvas.  Other times, crayons and finger paint do the job—a verbal cartoon, if you will. The brush I pull out most often is the multi-purpose one that splits the difference between Picasso and Dilbert. Once that brush is selected, I prefer to use a verbal paint mixture of seriousness, humor, formality, and informality. Since my purpose and joy is in creating new ways to see, think, do, and be, I find this hodgepodge of verbal colors and textures creates just enough chaos mixed with just enough rationality to pull that off. Otherwise, I’d be telling the same old story in the same old way, which completely defeats my purpose. Besides, finding just the right way to mix these unlikely characters of expression is a blast. THAT is what writing means to me.

While I prefer to write about really inspiring or insightful topics, loving to write makes me even enjoy writing about, say, dust. Or corrugated boxes. With as much inspiration and insights needed in the world today, I seriously doubt I’ll get to these topics. However, if one day my soul wants to write about dust or corrugated boxes, then By Darned, I’m going to make dust into gold and boxes into castles. From the looks of my home, I won’t need to go far for my research. If I ever did take on that writing project, no reader willing or bored enough to wander into that literary sandbox (pun!) would ever see dust or boxes the same. My point is that if I can find meaning in dust, I can change the world when I write about stuff that really matters. Like, for instance, the what, why, and how of creating a world that is prosperous for all.

Which brings me to the most profound meaning writing brings me. It may take a few more verbal brushstrokes to paint this out, so bear with me and be thankful I’m not talking about dust. Here goes: Writing allows me to create a world where everyone is prosperous, not just in the “happy place” of my own imagination, but also in physical reality. Before you send in the medics in white suits offering me room and board at the Comfortably-Padded Inn and a nice jacket that ties in the back, let me explain.

Let’s start with some basics about manifestation. Manifestation is when something you’ve held your attention on becomes physical reality. You dream of a home in the mountains and the thought excites you. The more you think about it, the more excited you get. The more excited about it you get, the more you think about it. You see this dream home, and imagine decorating it and going on nature walks. You feel the peace that would bring to you. You travel to the mountains and smell the clean, crisp air and all those wonderful earthy smells. “Wow, it would be so cool to live here,” you say. You talk about it all the time. Your friends get sick of hearing you blather on, but you don’t care. You are far too jazzed about the idea to let it go. This joy you feel about your mountain home is your soul speaking to you. Your soul wants to create something out of nothing, as souls are meant to.

This is how I feel about the world of my dreams. Just substitute “mountain home” with “world that is prosperous for all,” and you’ll get the picture. These heart-feelings and mind-thoughts about your mountain home and my prosperous world, like everything, hold a certain vibration. Quantum science, as well as common sense, is now confirming this fact. Of course, some things vibrate at a higher frequency than others. A dog whistle, for instance, vibrates at a frequency so high, we can’t even hear, while we can hear and even feel the pluck of a bass string in our bodies. Thoughts and feelings work the same way. The feelings of excitement, joy, love, and abundance you feel about your mountain home vibrate at a higher frequency than dread of going back to your crappy apartment each night, fear that you’ll never be able to live in the mountains, despair, scarcity, and so on.

So, as you’re off in your own little world, dreaming of your mountain home, telling all your friends, daydreaming in business meetings, researching geography, shopping for curtains for a home not yet yours, you are putting out a high vibration that attracts that dream home to you. The same turbo-charged, high-frequency vibration that might have annoyed your friends who don’t resonate is now attracting things that do. Things like people who build homes, have property to sell, make loans. Situations like an office move to a mountainous area and a pay-raise for you to move there. One thing leads to another until one day, you find yourself sitting on the front porch of your mountain cabin drinking coffee, watching the sunrise.

You’ve just held something in your attention until it became so in live-not-Memorex physical reality. This is how manifestation works. It’s called the Law of Attraction, which never fails to bring you stuff that is of the same vibration. The Wright brothers didn’t get a plane in the air by imagining it would stay on the ground. You didn’t get your mountain home by focusing on how crappy your apartment was. If you’d focused on how crappy your apartment was, the Law of Attraction would kick in and you’d still be in it.

The point is that nothing that exists in the physical world has ever come into being any other way. Everything starts with a feeling, a series of thoughts that align with that feeling, and the vibration they produce. Everything we see in our outer reality first started as a feeling-thought-vibration inside us. The outer reality I wish to create from my own feelings-thoughts-vibrations is a world that is prosperous for all, where Prosperity = Peace + Abundance + Joy + Freedom. This is the world I see and feel in my heart, think about, and talk incessantly about. Passionately. Just ask all my friends, whom you’ll recognize by their glazed stares, achieved by many intense hours of me blathering on about what it is, how it works, and how we can actually pull it off as a society, despite all the conflict and division we keep hearing about.

Sure, it’s big; audacious, even. But, you know that Law of Attraction that got you that mountain home? Well, it also works at the societal level, especially when every single person on the planet wants the same thing. Do you know anyone who doesn’t want those things in their lives? Ask yourself:  Do I want peace in my life? Abundance? Joy? Freedom? I can’t imagine you or anyone would say, “Nah, I want violence, scarcity, fear, and oppression.” So, knowing about the Law of Attraction, imagine what would happen if we all focused on what we do want. What else could unite us in inspired action better than a vision every human being already shares? Can you think of a time when we needed something to unite around more?

When enough people put their attention on something, the world reflects it. So, call me crazy, but if I can immerse myself in the vibration of peace, abundance, joy, and freedom (Prosperity) while I write, and that vibration is transmitted onto the page, and that writing is projected out into the world via the vibration of speaking, and that speaking invites others into the same desire with the same vibration—to create a new world that is prosperous for all—then the Law of Attraction is in full gear here. What I have in mind is the Law of Attraction on Steroids, if you will.

So, you see? I’m not crazy. I’m just thinking my writing can focus us, as one human family, on the proverbial home in the mountains. And, when we’re focused on the same thing, it has no choice but to arrive. My writing, therefore, creates new, better, brighter worlds. THAT is what my soul is here to do and THAT is what writing means to me.

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