We need a New Space, a New Way, and a New World.

Somewhere between the doom and gloom world of our worst nightmares and the utopia of our deepest dreams and highest aspirations as human beings, lies a body of work we must do together.

Welcome to the site that will lay it out and empower us to do it.

We're about to host a global world-building party like no other.

We've created a whole a New Space and a whole New Way to work together to create a whole New World. The party won't stop until we're living in our new, amazing world.

We've been busy planning, preparing, and constructing the web site that will inspire, initiate, and support the literal creation of the New World.  There's much more in store than what is here at the moment, so stay tuned!  This is truly a grassroots effort, so the web site will grow as we start moving the world-building forward together.

In the meantime, there's so much exciting stuff going on, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get the basic lay of the land, host an introductory workshop to learn more, and engage a little while we put the finishing touches on the full site. Don't forget to sign up for New World News™, our monthly e-newsletter, so you won't miss the party!

With all that's going on in the world, it's hard to think


Much less imagine we can create a whole New World together. But, we can. We must. We've just never had the need or way to do it. Now, we have both.

We have the reason, the vision, the power, and the technology to create an amazing New World. Now, we have a way to bring it all together in a cohesive global movement, where ordinary people change the world by working locally and impacting globally.

  • Step Into a New Space

    Step into a New Space.

    Because we can't create the New World from the same space we created the old one.

    Pause The Rat Race

    Step into a creative space free of blame, politics, judgment, and dogma and abundant with discovery, empowerment, hope, and opportunity.

    Turn Our World Inside-Out

    Go deep to connect with who we truly are and how we truly want to live and create an external world that reflects it.

    Stop Rearranging Deck Chairs. Build a New Ship!

    Step outside the systems that no longer work to create fundamentally new ways of living and the new systems and structures that support them.

    Go Beyond the Call to Action

    Take the entire journey from the concept of a New World to actually creating it together.


  • Experience a New Way

    Experience a New Way

    Because we can't create the New World in the same way we created the old one.

    See Across the Divide

    Experience a clear line of sight between a world in crisis and an amazing new one, and participate in the way to get there together.

    Serve the Whole and Nothing But the Whole

    Treat our lives, communities, and the world as the interconnected whole systems they are and bring individual solutions to individual challenges together as One for the good of all.

    Build from the Ground Up—Together

    Gather in local World-Building Workshops around the world to literally create the New World of the people, by the people, for the people and all Life, with the planet.

    Work Locally. Impact Globally.

    Build on a common framework that empowers us to transform our lives, our communities, and the world at the same time without prescribing or controlling.


  • Create a New World

    Create a New World

    Because Humanity's future on Earth depends on it.

    Revel in Local Ingenuity.

    See the local visions and learn about projects initiated or advanced in each of the local World-Building Workshops.

    See Humanity’s Global Vision

    See our vision of how we TRULY want to live emerge from the collective work in local World-Building Workshops into a cohesive, truly global vision.

    Innovate the New World into Being

    See emerging technologies and cutting-edge versions of Humanity’s Global Vision created by a whole system of Innovators from every sector when they envision their innovations working dynamically together in New World Communities.

    Watch the Construction of the New World

    Follow progress of the project to create a global network of New World Communities that embody Humanity’s Global Vision, as well as other projects you initiate during the Workshops.


About Us

Creating the New World, Inc. is a Virginia-based non-profit organization established in 2009.

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Contact Info

P.O. Box 455, Rixeyville, VA 22737

Phone: (540) 937-4897

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