Energize, Synergize, Synthesize

CtNW is excited to work with partners from every realm of human endeavor to synergize the world-building process. We're just getting started, so the list is small. But, it won't be for long! Find out more about partnering with us here. In the meantime, check out and support these fine folks who are doing awesome World Building things with us.


We Are Detroit


A music, media, and entrepreneurial campaign to expand awareness, resources, and platforms that showcase and harness the resilient spirit of Metro Detroit to transform itself into a world-class city. We Are Detroit is igniting a movement and expanding the base of those committed to transforming the city and surrounding communities.

The people of Detroit are doing many transformative things to renew, rejuvenate, and rebuild their city. We Are Detroit is partnering with Creating the New World (CtNW) to give them the opportunity to bring all their efforts together, transform Detroit, and lead the world at the same time. They are giving CtNW the opportunity to bring the world to Detroit, Detroit to the world, and launch its community-based global action movement in the Motor City.


Cavalheri Photography


Cavalheri Photography is a woman-owned business and the official photographer of Creating the New World.  Cavalheri Photography is a high quality, high-energy studio, photographing people in both an ecological and studio setting.

As Northern Virginia's premier headshot and publicity photographer, Val Cavalheri uses her freelance journalist experience to give clients the promotion tools necessary to open the doors to the opportunity of their dreams. She is committed to living her life ethically and operating her business professionally—a commitment she brings to all clients. For publicity photos and other inquiries, call 703-472-8216.  

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Creating the New World, Inc. is a Virginia-based non-profit organization established in 2009.

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