This house for creating the New World is still being built. You’ve arrived in a room where the boxes that contain the exciting things we’ve got planned are still in the corner, unpacked.

In fact, we’re waiting for you world-builders out there to come help us unpack them and make these rooms into spaces that support and sustain the world-building work we’ll be doing together:
  • World-Builders Portal
    An online portal and network offering support, knowledge, tools, forum, and collaborative workspaces to support and implement the work of world-builders after their World-Building Workshop.

    The collaborative workspaces support the work of creating a global network of physical New World Communities and other projects that emerge out of the World-Building Workshops.

    As the global rollout of World-Building Workshops takes place, online communities for people working with the CtNW Architecture and Creation Framework at the individual, organizational, community, and global levels will be available to support concrete action, build momentum, and sustain coherence among all levels of system.


  • Facilitators Program
    A program that builds, trains, and supports a global network of CtNW facilitators. Since the work of literally creating the New World is done in the local World-Building Workshops, we need as many people facilitating that work as possible.

    Beyond building and training the network of facilitators, the program will support facilitators with a Facilitators Portal where they can find information about the facilitators program, see dates and location of training, register for training, download the Facilitator Kit and other resources, connect with other facilitators, share knowledge, post and manage registration for their engagements, and upload stories and outputs of local community work from their engagements for input into Humanity’s Global Vision™.


  • Innovators Program
    A program that convenes, supports, and publicizes those with innovations in every sector of human endeavor. The program will engage Innovators in the World-Building Workshop, where they connect with each other as a unified whole system and create cutting-edge versions of Humanity’s Global Vision.

    These visions of what’s possible when all their innovations are working dynamically together in New World Communities will be widely communicated with the world and with participants of World-Building Workshops worldwide. Through the Creating the New World project to build a global network of physical New World Communities, participating Innovators will have the opportunity to implement their innovations on a global scale.

    The program will also feature their innovations on the Creating the New World web site and in New World News™, in podcast interviews, and in the World-Building Workshops worldwide.


  • Cyber Café
    A box-, blame-, and bull-free multimedia place to learn about inspiring, enriching, and exciting New World activities, innovations, and ideas.


“In 1987, I discovered 'The Law of Creation', which explains how Love, Life, and Nature actually work. Since then, I have been looking for very special people, visionary pioneers who have produced authentic tools, accurate route-maps, and effective processes that will actually work in the way that Love, Life, and Nature work.

After over twenty years of searching, the first person I found with such an authentic tool, route-map, and process was Nancy Polend. As you can imagine, seeing her full presentation of her Creating The New World Architecture for the first time in 2010 was a very moving moment for me, which is why, when she concluded, I approached her and said, "Nancy, that's just about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” In my view, what Nancy has brought isn't Gold-Dust, it's God-Dust. If we use it wisely, as Nancy maintains, we all really can co-create a whole and prosperous New World of peace, abundance, joy, and freedom for all."

— Ray Murray, Founder of The DOOR, Co-Founder of AuthentiCITY Enterprises
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Creating the New World, Inc. is a Virginia-based non-profit organization established in 2009.

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